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Frequently Asked questions

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Yes, Film Catapult has a system for buying a 7-view package for your self or to gift to others. An email will be sent to the purchaser with a payment code for each 7-view pack.

Yes, a registered/logged in viewer has a “Viewer’s" Dashboard. An icon/link to the dashboard will appear on the Film Catapult screen navigation bar (top of the page) after a registered viewer has logged in. To watch films on Film Catapult, you have to log in as a viewer and/or a filmmaker.

A viewer can see what films they have seen in the past, and what filmmaker’s they have supported or projects that they have chosen to donate too. They have access to the email or website that the filmmaker has provided for public disclosure and can donate to a filmmaker's future project, if they choose to. This gives fans and supporters special inside access to the filmmaker’s that they support and opens direct avenues of communication between the filmmaker and the audience. 

A filmmaker can be a viewer and a filmmaker, thus have access to both dashboards.

For any questions regarding website hosting issues, internet connection or requirements, please contact

A viewer can “like” a film or “flag” a film as inappropriate. There are no elite filmmakers or individuals that choose winners or loosers on Film Catapult. We are self-policing site. The icons/links for "liking" and "flagging" are located on the bottom right hand corner of the film’s player screen. A viewer or filmmaker can email us at page. Please choose "Fagging Question" in the subject line. 

The Guidelines for content on the site can be found on our “Terms of Use” page Any films that violate these policies will be removed from the site as quickly as possible.

The Film Catapult staff will evaluate all flaggings to avoid any malicious or erroneous flagging of films.

Film Catapult reserves the right to make a determination regarding the appropriateness of films loaded on the site. Your acceptance of “The Terms of Use” grants Film Catapult this right. 

Film Catapult’s decision is final and it is not disputable in any public opinion forum or court of law. All members agree to keep our site family friendly.

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