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Once a Filmmaker has uploaded a film, they will have access to their account information through their “Filmmaker's Dashboard.” Please remember that good passwords are essential for the protection of your information. Keep records. Don’t oversimplify your password! Film Catapult is not responsible for hacker’s breaking into accounts. Although security on our site is one of our goals, there is no site out there that can not be hacked! Beware of what you share! Film Catapult keeps only physical copies of your tax documents and all payments are run through PayPal. We do this to keep our financial transactions as secure as possible!

During the upload and registration process, a new filmmaker will need to fill out the “Set Up Payments” form (Set Up Payment tab on your Filmmaker's Dashboard). The payment options are payment by check or via a PayPal account.

Film Catapult highly recommends that both Filmmakers and Viewers set up PayPal accounts to secure their financial information and to simplify their interactions on the site.

You can get to the upload page by several routes throughout the site. The two most straightforward ways are:

  1.  Click on the “Launch” button on the top or bottom bars of the main menu. 
  2. Click on the “How it works” tab on the top bar of the screen then click on the “Upload” page tab from the “How it works” screen.

The audience has the option to "like" or "flag" a film, if they think it is inappropriate. The icons/links for" flag" and "like" are located on the bottom right hand corner of the film’s player screen. Please "like" a film, if you like it. In the event of tie in the Film Catapult Festival, likes will determine the outcome of a tie, so they are important. They also let a potential viewer know if they should spend their money on seeing a film. "Likes" are important! 

"Flags" are also important because we do not vet films. The viewer vets our films and you help us identify any films that are offensive or break our content rules. We thank you for "flagging" an offensive film that demeans all our efforts and lowers the standards of our community.

The Guidelines for Content on the site can be found on our “Terms of Use” page ( 

Film Catapult's mission is to encourages filmmakers. We understand that the more films a filmmaker makes, the better the films will be, so we do not allow negative feedback to filmmakers. Film Catapult suggests that the audience interpret  a high number of views with few likes for themselves. However, private commentary and encouragement can be directed to the filmmakers over the web via the internet address and webiste that they have provided for public release.

At present the festival is biannual. If you intend to submit your film to the Film Catapult Festival, we suggest that you schedule your Film Catapult campaign to begin when the next Festival opens. This way your paid viewers can vote for it and their likes can be tabulated. Remember, likes are tie breakers for the Audience Choice Award!

When the Festival is open, Filmmakers can vote for your film for the peer-reviewed Filmmaker's Film Award.  Filmmakers have a vote and their views of your film are free, only if they have a film in the current Festival, otherwise Filmmakers also pay to see films (other than their own). 

Submission closes one month before the end of the current Festival. 


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