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Simply, the acronym for the Film Catapult Community. That means all of us filmmakers, viewers and supporters of films on this site...and of course, us here at Film Catapult.

Film Catapult was conceived to maximize the earning capacity of its filmmakers. Why? So that they can make more films!  All the film festival's Prize Pool funds  are divided among the top 3 winning filmmakers in each category.

The winners of the festival will be determined in two categories:

1) “Audience Choice Award”, i.e. the film that receives the greatest number of views.

2) “Filmmaker’s Film Award,” where only fellow filmmakers from the Film Catapult Community are eligible to vote. 

The Film Catapult Festival is biannual. When the Festival is open for submissions, there will be an announcement in the news flash-ticker tape line on the Film Catapult HOME page. 

Please review the Film Catapult Festival Rules on the "Film Catapult Festival Upload" page and for complete description of the rules of the competition.  See the FAQ "When is the Film Catapult Festival open?" for more information on the exact Festival dates.

The “Filmmaker’s Dashboard” is a fabulous unique tool. It is a filmmakers marketing/accounting right hand. Only  filmmakers have Filmmaker dashboards. An icon/link will appear on the Film Catapult screen navigation bar (top of the page) after a Filmmaker has uploaded a film, and completed the filmmaker account set up and film upload. 

  1.  From the Filmmaker’s Dashboard you can upload new films and edit and delete film projects. 
  2. Clicking on a specific project opens a new page where we share valuable marketing information about traffic to your film. 
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the project's page is the "Share Private View" link. Clicking on this link will take you a pop up where  the password for a free share is created. 
  4. "Private View Accounting" will tell you how many times that free code has been used.
  5. The Filmmaker’s Dashboard has  "Payment to You" and  "Payment to Film Catapult"  and "Set Up Payments" tabs. These tabs open pages  where a fllmmaker can see their accounts, payments, and earnings, etc. 
  6.  From the Dashboard, a filmmaker can link to the "Film Catapult Festival" submission page to submit a film project to the Festival. If a Filmmaker is eliglble to vote in the Festival, the list of films they have seen and their votes will also be available on the "Vote in the Festival" tab of the dashboard. The Filmmaker's Film Award is given to filmmakers participating in the Festival by their fellow filmmakers. A "Vote in the Festival" tab is where filmmakers can vote for the winner of that prize. 
  7. Web Series can also be managed from the Filmmaker's Dashboard.

The Film Catapult Festival will run four times a year when we have sufficient internet traffic. For the first couple of years, we will open the festival for two seasons.

Winter 2018 Submission opens: November 20, 2018.

Submission closes: January 20, 2018.

Festival closes: February 20th, 2019.

Festival Winners will be announced February 23, 2019.


Summer 2019 Submission opens: May 20, 2019.

Submission closes: July  20, 2019.

Festival closes: August 20, 2019

Festival Winners will be announced August 23, 2019.

As we grow, we hope to make the Film Catapult a quaterly festival  with sponsorships and donations to increase Festival prizes. If we build it, they will come.

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