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When a viewer or a filmmaker buys a 7-view pack but does not use all of them, he or she can see the balance of the unused views on their "Viewer's Dashboard."

If you donate to the Film Catapult Community, we will use that donation to expand the site, get the word out about the site's existence and to defray costs that are associated with maintaining an internet presence, which for film is intense. As you can see we have a very small margin of profit, so if you find that this site helps you and appreciate it, please help us keep it up and growing. MANY CATAPULTED THANKS.

Films are always a team project, but for legal purposes, a Filmmaker is defined as the person or persons authorized to post a film on a public viewing site like ours.

The Filmmaker with a film in the festival will have access to free views of films by their peers ( also submitted in the festival). Fellow filmmakers will choose the winner of the "Filmmaker's Film Award."

The 3 votes are cast from their filmmaker's dashboard under the condition that only one vote can go to their own film. 

The festival is not judged by a elite members of festival organizers, but rather films are chosen 1) by the votes from fellow filmmakers who have films submitted in the same and current Film Catapult Festival (FC Festival) i.e., “Filmmaker’s Film Award or 2) by the number of votes obtained from the general audience of paying viewers i.e., “Audience Choice Award.” 

In “The Filmmaker’s Film,” prize, every filmmaker with a film submitted to the current festival who wishes to vote has free access to view the films of their peers that are also submitted to the same Festival. A Filmmaker can only cast one vote for one of his own films, but must cast 3 votes total for any of the votes to be counted.

Filmmaker views are not counted towards the “Audience Choice” award.

Filmmakers submitting to the FC Festival agree to allow their fellow filmmakers to freely view their films. No viewing fees will be collected from filmmakers with films submitted to the FC Festival. For details see the and or the "Film Festival Rules."  the festival rules can be accessed from your Filmmaker's Dashboard-"Already Submitted? See FC festival stats and info" link on  the Film Project's page, upper right hand corner . 

Filmmakers must submit a film to the festival to compete. Upon submission, they will be prompted to pay a $10 submission fee and an addtional $10 contribution to the Prize Pool.The Prize Pool will be divided among the winners of the current festival.  

As the festival grows, we hope to have sponsored prizes!

If we build it, they will come!

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