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How it works

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Get Your Film Seen

 Film Catapult is a true electronic distribution solution, built for social networks and self-promoting artists. There are no setup fees, and no limits. Film Catapult’s premise is: if your audience likes your films, they will help you make more films. It's just that simple. Digital film and crowd funding have forever changed the perspective of young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. However, crowd funding sites do not allow investors to enjoy the fruits of their investment or filmmakers to raise money after the film is completed. Think about it. Are you making any money from your Indie films once they have made the festival circuit? Have you grown your investor base, or are you going back to the same friends and begging for more help?

Raise Money

Fact: Most people are not willing to pay big box office prices to view films online, especially if they are indie films.  

Film Catapult solves this problem by making it possible for the indie filmmaker to keep the cost of viewing their films at a minimum while maximizing their profits.  There are no up front fees, or credit card fees paid by the FC filmmaker to exhibit their film. They  receive $1 every time someone pays to view their film.

Grow your Fans and Community

Imagine how cool it would be to discover and be an early supporter of an amazing filmmaker, to contribute to that person's career, and to be a friend and supporter of one of the great story tellers of our day.  Film Catapult encourages the direct interaction of an artist with their fans and supporters. We enable a fan to support an artist by viewing their work and "liking" it. Fans can also contact filmmakers directly via a filmmaker's public website or email supplied by the filmmaker during their film upload process.

We allow embedding and our viewer's dashboard has hyperlinks to the artist's website and/or personal email. Our goal is to form a direct link between the fan and the artist.  In addition to pay per view, Film Catapult has a low-submission-fee-high-cash-prize- film festival that is going to revolutionize the film festival circuit by offering financial incentives to filmmakers.

Box Office and Distribution 123

All films uploaded on the Film Catapult site cost $1.28 to view. That's 15% less than a RedBox rental. The filmmaker earns $1 per view. Filmmakers choose when and how to collect their box office.



There are no upfront fees whatsoever.  No fees to upload, and no fees to show your films on Film Catapult's awesome HD player.  We recommend a film showing campaign to last between 30-60 but you can show your film for free for as long as 90 days.  During that time the storage and streaming costs are on us.  After the showing period is over, if you wish us to store your films on the site and extend your campaign past 90 days, we will charge you a nominal $5 annual storage fee.  

But that's not all, Film Catapult will assume the credit card processing fees for each view! 

Check this out! if viewers choose to donate to your next project, Film Catapult will take no % commission on money donated to your project; only a small credit card processing fee ( per donation) and handling fee to get the donation into your hands. in other words, we do not skim a percent of donations made to your project.

It is super simple, every film costs the viewer $1.28 to view and you get $1 for every view.  

The 28 cents helps us offset the costs of providing the Film Catapult service.  Now that's a good deal for the filmmaker!

Absolutely No Risk to the Filmmaker

We have tried to make our site as impermeable as possible to hackers. Film Catapult requires only one physical copy of your W2 or W-BEN-8 personal tax forms to be kept under lock and key.  These forms are necessary should your earnings exceed the minimum taxable amount. We asl for hard copies because we do not want this information  stored on the internet.  All viewer’s transactions go through PayPal and payments to filmmakers are either by check or via PayPal. We have made these choices to give your financies and personal information the maximum security that can be offered.

Additional Services

Film Catapult also offers a range of  additional services for small fees (the fees equal what it costs us to supply them):

1.  Film Festival:  For $10 you can submit your film into the Film Catapult Film Festival. Another $10 payment goes towards the prize pool to be distributed among the festival winners.  these payments are kept in completely separate streams to limit any potential accounting errors.

There will be a festival every season of the year, so that's four opportunities per year to win.  See the Film Catapult Festival Rules for a complete description of the rules and festival policies. A film can be submitted during the upload process or at anytime from the Filmmaker's Dashboard.

2.  Extended Campaigns: if you wish to keep your film campaign up past the 90 day limit, we ask you to help us with the added storage costs by paying a small $5 annual storage fee.

3.  Donation Processing: if supporters wish to donate for your next project, they can do so using our built in platform and we will charge you no fees on our part; we will only pass on the costs of the payment processing and the cost of sending you the donations made during that pay period (i.e., a single minimal amount per pay period, not a percentage of the donations made to your project).


Available to anyone

While art house theaters and festivals serve independent filmmakers well, Film Catapult will allow those who can not attend to support a filmmaker. By connecting a filmmaker and thier social networks, Film Catapult is creating a 21st Century community without borders. We do not vet films? After all who are we to vet your film? However, we do impose decency standards for the good of the site and community. See terms of use for our statement in this regard.

Simple to use

The Film Catapult website has been designed to facilitate interactions between filmmakers and their audience. Our “Upload” a film page is simple and functional. This page  allows a filmmaker to upload a film, to customize the look of the player (thumbnail and poster) and acknowlege the main credits, and announce and fundraise for their next project. The information supplied by the filmmaker will automatically populate  their film's player screen. Your film history and accounting is transparent and controlled on the filmmaker’s or viewer’s dashboard. The viewer's dashboard allows you to contact a filmmaker, if they have released their information. A list of the films that you have seen and those that you have flagged are also found there. The Filmmaker's Dashsboard  contains your festival votes, as well as access to projects and some useful stats to help promote your film and target an audience.

Driven by Your Community

Film Catapult is a platform that allows filmmakers to bring their films directly to their audiences. Its sole goal is to empower artists and their art, and thereby help artists fund their future projects. The Film Catapult Community asks for your support and participation, so we can grow together and improve the quality, diversity and distribution of independent films.  

Designed by and for Independent Filmmakers

We have built  this website for the mutual benefit of all of our independent film community. Respect it. Love it. LOG IN and LAUNCH!

Keeping it Safe

We don't want Film Catapult to censor or promote specific genres of films. Film Catapult specifically avoids any limits on the creativity of its filmmakers and we trust in their honesty and judgement to appropriately classify their own films in their descriptions. 

As professionals we require that artists respect the sensitivities and innocence of some of our site's viewers, especially children, so be sincere and use a tag like "adult" or "child-friendly" to help viewers identify content. 

We only allow "likes" on our site. We do this because  Film Catapult is not a forum for insults, but rather for encouragement. If you don't like a film, don't "like" it on the player and avoid that filmmaker in the future. We are unable to refund viewers who are unhappy with a film. We simply do not have the administrative engine to handle that kind of request. 

Keeping it Decent

For the good of our community as whole and our website as a professional forum, Film Catapult holds to the following criteria for uploading films: 

Works with offensive material that is discriminatory in any way will be removed from the site.

Films that contain profanity and nudity are permitted, only if it is purposeful and justified by the story line.  If your films contain profanity or nudity, please make sure to rate it R.  If you don't and it is flagged, it could get removed. 

Films that contain obscenity, explicit sexual content, or encourage illegal activities are not welcome on this site and will be removed. 

Film Catapult reserves the right to remove any films that do not follow these content rules. We understand that this will be a judgment call on our part and we ask that filmmaker's respect our right to make that call for the good of the general viewership and the integrity of the site. 

Films are flagged by viewers. If a film is flagged, we will investigate the case as soon as possible and remove any films that violate the policy described above.

Keeping it Creative

We don't vet films, the audience does! We don't limit a film's format by run times (within reason we have a 5 GB upload limit) or subject matte,  as long as the film does not violate our code of decency. At Film Catapult, we stand by the right of artists to freely express themselves.

Make it viral

Going viral is a goal on Film Catapult since  Film Catapult enables young artists to market themselves and grow. Our filmmaker dashboard supplies the Filmmaker with stats to help improve the marketing to your target audience. 

Going viral means your next film is funded! 

Going viral also assures you a succulent cash prize, if your film is submitted to the  Film Catapult Festival Audience Choice Contest.

Going viral helps you and the whole Film Catapult Community! 

By all means go viral!

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