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Carnival Of Crime

Uploaded 1774 days ago

What happens when a man confronts his conscience and manages to kill it? All hell breaks loose. Based on a Mark Twain autobiographical short story.


O. Wilberforce


Jessica Jones-Carson, Gualberto Garcia-Jones


David Schutt

Film Maker

Jessica Jones-Carson


Laffrey Witbrod

Other Production :

1st Assitant Director : Alex Rhodes Wilmere

Prosthetic Make Up : Todd Debresceni

Costumes And Wardrobe : Kathyrine Stelloh And Eva Saunders

Gaffer And Lighting : Pierre Habib And Pablo Ruff

Cast :

Mark Twain: Jude Moran

Conscience: Jordan Leigh

Twain's Sister:Carla Kaiser Kotrc

Twain's Niece: Annabelle Hafey

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