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Technical Support

Recovery or Changing Log In Credentials

  • Viewers can edit their accounts from their Viewer's Dashboard.

Troubleshooting the Film Upload

    • If you have problems please check that your upload file size is below the 5 GB, the site's limit.
    • Remember to check that your flash player is up to date!
    • Perhaps your browser is not supported. We support Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer. We DO NOT SUPPORT SAFARI.
    • Contact, if your problems  are related to your upload.
    • If your problems are related to internet connectivity or hosting, contact

Troubleshooting the Image Uploads

  • Use the cropping window to provided after the upload to precisely size the images.  jpg or png are acceptable formats.

    Player image: This image will serve as the still shot  thatidentifies your film; 1366X768 pixels or greater is the correct image size.

    Screen image: This image will serve as your player’s background; 1366X768 pixels or greater is the correct image size.

Publication of your Film Project

  • Once a filmmaker completes the registration, and uploads a film, the film will be transcoded.  Once the film is published, the filmmaker will receive an email with a link to review the project.

    After publishing a film, the site automatically considers you a filmmaker so the next time you log in you will see the “Filmmaker’s Dashboard” icon on the site’s top menu bar to the right. To view, edit or delete a project go to the Dashboard and click on the icons on the top right of the Dashboard page. Only after the project is published can you change the player or screen background images or alter any other  information (description, credits, etc.)

Upload Specifications

  • Formats supported: MP4.

    Codec: h264

    Frames per second: 24, 25 & 30.

    Resolution: Upload can be 1920X1080 but after  transcoding we serve resolutions at 1280X720p and 360p.

    Audio: 256kbps /320 kbps

    Audio Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz

    Field order: Progressive

    Pixel aspect ratio: square pixels

    When editing an uploaded project, you will automatically be returned to your filmmaker's dashboard when the edit is uploaded. Please be patient.

Linking Your Film on Social Media & Embedding It On Your Own Website.

  • The link to embed your film on your website will appear in a pop up at the end of the trialer. Cut and paste the full code into your website's responsive window. Facebook share and Tweet links are on the video player. Use only the video URL for Facebook & Twitter.


Subtitled and Foreign Language Films

    • Filmmakers will have to upload multiple versions of their film for each language or for each version with subtitles embedded in it.
    • All films must have an English title.

Control of the Film Project using the “Filmmaker’s Dashboard

  • As a service to filmmakers, Film Catapult follows and reports stats about your film including the number of hits originating from Film Catapult to your designated website or email. The stats and account information can be accessed via the “Filmmaker’s Dashboard” which is personal.  Only Film Catapult admin and a filmmaker have access to the information that is stored there. Only a registered “Filmmaker” who has uploaded film has a “Filmmaker’s Dashboard.

Group Viewing

  • When a viewer pays for one view, this view is considered a private viewing for one household. Public group viewing (for a school, church, club or festival, for example) of any film on this site should be cleared prior to the viewing with the Film Catapult and the Filmmaker. Please contact us at and please put “group viewing” in the subject line. We will respond expediently. 

Transcoding Process

  • Film Catapult transcodes a 720p and 360p version of each video you upload. The film's resolution depends on the Viewer’s streaming capability. Transcoding takes several hours. You will receive an email when the process is finished and your project is ready to publish.

    • For 720p output = Original uploaded file should have a resolution of at least 1280x720.

Don't panic!

    • Before you panic during an upload, try changing your browser.
    • Try updating your browser. Broken and slow Internet connections can also cause upload failures.
    • Adobe Flash is NOT needed on this website
    • If the problem persists across browsers, email support at and we will get back to you as fast as we can.
    • When editing an uploaded project, you will be automatically sent back to your filmmaker's dashboard when the process is finished. DON'T PANIC, be patient, please.

When can I preview my film?

  • You can preview your film, edit, or delete it after it has been published.

    You will receive an email notifing you that your film is published. At that time you will be able to preview it, edit the project or delete it.  After publication, these options appear on your filmmaker's dashboard.

    If you preview it immediately after uploading it on the Launch Page thumbnail, depending on the size of the file, it may be a slow.  Bettter to wait until it is published!

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