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TermsOf use

The Filmmaker must be at least 19 years of age to accept these terms or have a legal guardian or parent represent you until you reach that age. To be considered a filmmaker on Film Catapult, you must have a film uploaded onto the website. To see films for free in the Film Catapult Festival,  and to vote in the Filmmaker's Film Contest, you must be a filmmaker and have a film competing in the same festival. 

Film Catapult is not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property of a film uploaded on its site. The filmmaker registering the film is entirely responsible for any infractions of trademark or intellectual property. Filmmakers are also responsible for any union infringements. One SAG actor makes a film a SAG film, so remember to make the appropriate arrangements with SAG-AFTRA before publically exhibiting your film.  By agreeing to the Film Catapult “Terms of Use” he or she frees Film Catapult from any responsibility in that regard.

One view is alloted a maximum of 48 hours play back time; in the event the view is interrupted. This “view” is considered and authorized as a private viewing for one household. Public group viewing (for a school, church, club, festival, or a theater, for example) of any film on this site should be cleared with the Film Catapult and the Filmmaker prior to the exhibit. For group viewing please contact

Uploading a film onto the Film Catapult website is non-exclusive, meaning you can have it in festivals, or on other internet sites, if your agreement with these entities allows it. 

However, we highly recommend that you do not show your films for free to the public over the internet. After all, why would someone pay to see your film, if they can see it for free elsewhere?  Film Catapult was designed to distribute independent films that have either finished the festival circuit or choose not to be shown in that venue. 

For the good of the FCC ( Film Catapult Community) as whole and our website as a professional forum, the FCC holds to the following criteria for uploading films:

  • Works with offensive material that is discriminatory in any way will be removed from the site.
  • Films that contain profanity and nudity are permitted, only if it is purposeful and justified by the story line.
  • Films that contain obscenity, explicit sexual content, or encourage illegal activities are not welcome on Film Catapult.

Any films that violate these policies will be removed from the site as quickly as possible. 

The Film Catapult staff will evaluate all flaggings to avoid any malicious or erroneous flagging of films. Film Catapult reserves the right to make a determination regarding the appropriateness of films exhibited on the site.  Your acceptance of “The Terms of Use" grants Film Catapult this right.

The Film Catapult site is not affiliated with any specific religion; however, the members of Film Catapult espouse Judeo/Christian values in their lives and business ventures. These beliefs are fundamental in the determining whether a film is removed from the site or evaluating the appropriateness of an uploaded film. Film Catapult’s decision is final in this regard and it is not disputable. Filmmakers who are not in accord with this policy have the right to remove their films at any time.

There is going to be lag time from when PayPal makes funds available to us and our disbursement of the fund to a filmmaker. Our member Filmmakers consent and understand this that this delay is inevitable and due to third party services for which Film Catapult can not be held responsible.  Film Catapult will make a best effort to expedite payment at all times.

The rules of payment that you are accepting  by signing these terms are the following:

1. Tax documents required: We must have a W-9 for USA residents, or W8-BEN for all other countries, on file before we can disburse payment. Please fill out the appropriate form and mail it to us via the postal service to : Film Catapult Registration PO Box 202775 , Denver Colorado 80220 USA). The W9 can be found at and the W8-BEN at .

2. Payment schedule: Every two months, payments will automatically be sent to you via the method you have chosen on your filmmaker payment page of the filmmaker's Dashboard, if a filmmaker has received a minimum total of $20 (USD) from his or her total films viewed each month. If your views slow down and you do not receive 20 views a month, we will hold the money for a maximum of 6 months until it does reach or surpasses $20 (USD).

If within 6 months a Filmmaker’s total earnings do not surpass 20$, the earned balance will be transferred over to the Film Catapult Festival “Filmmaker's Film” prize for the next upcoming festival to be divided among the winners.

For international filmmakers, we will be happy to schedule payments less frequently to limit the cost of multiple international transactions and exchange fees.  Please contact us directly to request less frequent payments (

3. Payment associated costs: Filmmakers will be charged a $2 processing fee for total bi-monthly payments ranging between $20-50 (USD) or $3 for payments ranging between $50 and $1000 (USD) or 5$ for payments that surpass $1000 (USD). These fees cover Film Catapult’s accounting and administrative fees only.  These fees will not change without prior notification via email. The Filmmaker is responsible for keeping their emails updated so these and other communications can reach the filmmaker.

Please note that this may not be the final total cost of transfers/payment because these transfers can be impacted by specific international exchange and bank fees, postage fees and/or internet processing fees (for example, PayPal rate changes). Film Catapult is not responsible for third party services nor for the changes in the cost of these services over time.  Please contact us regarding any payments sent by checks that may have been lost in the mail (

4. Donations made to filmmakers or film projects: Film Catapult does not take any percentage of the money donated to a filmmaker for the uploaded film or for a donation to a future project. Donations to a future project solicited from the FCC must be applied only to the specific project that has been described in the field called “future project“ on the “Filmmaker’s Upload” page of the Film Catapult website. The Filmmaker can be accused of false advertising, if the funds are applied to other projects. Be careful with this point. If your project changes, you must contact your donors directly and notify them in a timely manner. Donors have the right to ask for a refund directly from a filmmaker, if they have donated to a project that is not in producton. 

The Filmmaker will be asked to assume the financial transaction costs imposed by PayPal or other third parties as well as a  $0.50 Film Catapult administrative cost to pay for the accounting and any other costs associated with the transfer of donations to the filmmaker. If the Filmmaker chooses to receive donations via snail mail, the Filmmaker will assume the cost of shipping and handling and thus the administrative cost of a check sent via snail mail may be slightly greater than the cost associated with an electronic transaction.

The Rules of Payment are reiterated on filmmaker’s "Dashboard”  “Payment” page in the  “Payment Rules” section.  

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